Our Family Best Years

A family means people and all living creatures bonded together. A home can be an expression of ones self or of the creatures within that home . An antique dealer , a collector , an Architect or the dogs with the stubby legs that love to run up on down the long corridors or a 365 sqm flat in Berlin. …

The Hat ladies from Hoppegarten

Hoppegarten The most beautiful racetrack in Germany. The experience of being there at the races is timeless. The world stops.

Princesses and The Little Prince and Mascot

The Noble family or should I say Royal ( Hoch Adele )  Became introduced to me through the wedding of a cousin. names remain concealed . I was impressed by the Princely couple , such natural and charming people . The story unfolds as I was invited to the Private resedence . An old castel (Schlöß ) in Baden Württemberg …

Max the West Highland Terrier

Max is a bushy white sparkling dog that is the apple of his Fathers eye as in Human . It has been told he has everything as well Max has been painted a portrait that hangs in the Max hall of fame .

Minnesota Fats Bulldog

Minnesota Fats is the character played by Jackie Gleason in the film the ” The Hustler ” . This describes my English Bulldog who lives America. We have seen him dressed as Henry the Eighth but somehow not suitable for this dog.

Huberta von Harlem und Träum Hund

Huberta Studied vetenairian Medicine in Munich and had finally gotten her own dog. A Brown Labrador Puppy that is her dream come true. She has avery special relationship to animals and nature

Berliner Philharmoniker

Painting I worked on for a year. I hope to get an opportunity to do a project like this again although there is only on Berliner Philharmoniker ! Some of the people have changed as Simon Rattle will be replaced soon. Then the painting will become history.

Y mag- Schwyz

The great and Happy Chef. He enjoys his own food.   All the painting for the Y mag were painted in oil on canavas 50/35 cm

Ymag – Schwyz

Andreas Lukoschik , Writer / Creative director and publisher of Y mag-Schwyz . produces quilty art and information for his on line Publication. I painted several portraits to accompany the short stories of Characters of the different Kantons. The Abt

Toni Schuler

I painted a  series of Portraits for the Canton-magazine. A Swiss on line magazine of high quality writing and Illustration.  Short stories of some interesting people and their lives in the different Canton’s. Toni Schuler, Outdoor Man