Princesses and The Little Prince and Mascot

The Noble family or should I say Royal ( Hoch Adele )  Became introduced to me through the wedding of a cousin. names remain concealed . I was impressed by the Princely couple , such natural and charming people . The story unfolds as I was invited to the Private resedence . An old castel (Schlöß )

in Baden Württemberg . The children were such a entertaining group of children ,age five to seventeen . The landscape,  a beautiful park embellished with flowers exotic and roses of every size as well the grounds crawling with creatures of every size . The family traditional dogs are the Leonberger and

French bull. The Leonberger pictured in The family portrait.  I chose the staircase as a setting so I could stack the children well . The Little Prince smallest presence with the largest mascot have forefront. There only son in a womanly dominated environment. The Little Prince found his safe place !

Oil on Linen 14cm / 170cm

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